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01:17am 13/07/2007


check it out. i have 100+ items for sale. you can also see what i have for sale on my photobucket if you cannot see everything on my laundromatic.net sales list.



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05:33pm 08/07/2007
  why do people not understand sarcasm or respect?

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02:37pm 04/07/2007
  The Most Personal Quiz, Ever.
1. Who were you with last night?
-- eugene and a bunch of the 240sx guys watching transformers until the wee hours of the night.

2. What woke you up this morning?
-- i barely went to sleep last night.

3. Where are you?
-- home.

4. Is tomorrow going to be a good day?
-- probably not. i have a feeling the phone calls at work will be back to back and complicated because it was a holiday today.

5. Did you hug anyone lately?
-- eugene. my mom and dad.

6. When was the last time you cried?
-- whenever i got really upset over "dumb" things last night, but whatever.

7. Ever thrown up in public?
-- unfortunately yes. oh, age 19. how you fucked me oh so horribly.

8. Passed out because of alcohol?
-- i have blacked out like 3 times in my life. passed out one good time. i dont remember anything but my asshole friends throwing bread at me and one guy who was there holding my hair. yeah, im not really friends with those people anymore. i do wonder how hobbs is now though. good kid.

9. Would you take a bullet for anyone?
-- my friends who i know would kill for me. my family for sure.

10. Where would you like to live?
-- Colorado.

11. What time is it?
-- 4:00pm

13. What do you want to be when you grow up?
-- business owner.

14. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
-- owning a business / working higher up in the company i am with currently. i prefer to do both. i like to remain busy.

15. Whose number one on your myspace?
-- i think it is my cat.

17. Who was the last person that left you a comment?
-- i have no idea. i dont really care.

19. Do you like candy necklaces?
-- the more colorful ones, not the pastel ones. the pastel ones taste funny.

20. Who are you talking to?
-- my dad about how my cat hates everyone.

21. Do you listen to music every day?
-- thank god for ipods at work.

22. what was the last thing you ate?
-- captain crunch.

23. Are you a fast typer?
-- yes definitely.

24. About how many people have you liked?
-- liked? ha, very few. people bore me very quickly.

25. How many have you loved?
-- two. one was mutual, the other one was not.

26. What are you doing this weekend?
-- casbah?

27. What's your favorite type of soda?
-- fountain coke from publix on kingsley. it takes like icees.

28. What color is your toothbrush?
-- i have two. one is pink. one is blue.

29. What do you want to do right now?
-- i want my arm to not hurt.

30. Are you listening to music right now?
-- yes.

33. How many days till your bday?
-- its like 370something.

34. When were you the saddest in your whole life?
-- hrm. i think when my cat died and my mom called me at work to tell me. i cant really think of anything else. ive had a lot of shit go down. maybe when i found out my boyfriend fucked my best friend. other than that, i havent had a horrible life.

35. What time is it?
-- uh, fuck you?

36. Do you use eBay to buy and/or sell?
-- yeh, i love ebay.

37. What makes you mad?
-- apparently boobs piss me off. mainly grabbing them.

38. Have you ever had a sad song written about you?
-- i dont think so. i normally get the shitty end of the deal. i did date a guy in a shitty band but he ended up making out with a fat girl in front of me. i dont think he would have wanted to admit that in a song. i hope that girl had some bomb ass pussy or something.

39. What song makes you cry?
-- death cab hits me the wrong way sometime. reminds me of the past.

41. What do you like to listen to before you go to bed?
-- death cab.

42. Do you have a job?
-- bank of america premier banking. hollar.

44. What makes you happy?
-- him. clothes. kitchenaid stuff.

45. What's the next CD you're going to get?
-- mp3s. k. thx.



[Eye Color:]

i have some but i rarely wear earrings, i used to have a lip piercing but then i decided against it. 

Two words to describe summer 2007:
shitty friends?

Honestly, do you miss 2006?
no. it was drama filled.


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11:44am 04/07/2007

hey guys&gals.

i have a lot of crap i need to get rid of. im trying to minimize the stuff i dont really need before i have to move into my townhome. i know its a bit from now but it doesnt hurt to get started soon. i have a lot of clothes in XS and S. I have purses, an acmemae laptop bag that i never use, swimwear, belts, shoes, luggage, jewelry, and more. i will soon be posting pictures, but if anyone wants to get first dibs HOLLAH. im selling everything for pretty cheap! the more you buy, the less you spend on everything individually.


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12:14am 04/07/2007
  sometimes i want to scream "fuck you."  

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01:10am 24/06/2007

I could never ask for more from him. He is beyond amazing.

Eugene, I love you.


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01:10pm 17/06/2007
  normally im an understanding person. nah. not anymore.
i saw two of my friends on my birthday, one which happened to be my boyfriend.

everyone else who wasnt there is a douchebag. im not kidding. fuck you guys.

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11:38am 10/06/2007

at this point and time.. just about everyone can go fuck themselves.

go figure. right?


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post script.   
01:29am 09/06/2007
  i hate people who smoke weed.
its not cool. stop acting like it is.

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i hate birthdays.   
01:14am 09/06/2007
  Every year on my birthday, I seem to expect TOO much from all of my friends. Every year on my birthday, most of my friends tend to let me down.  

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02:34am 05/06/2007
  It sucks that we can't figure out a date. Oh well. Who needs a date. Honestly. I have you and that's all that matters.  

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12:13pm 31/05/2007
mood: calm
tuna tataki is probably my new favorite food.
it is amaaaaaaazing.

kirin ichiban is probably my new favorite beer.
it is grrrreat.

eugene williams is probably the best boyfriend ever.
hes awessssome.

jackrabbits is probably the worst place  to play a show because they sold out and i really wanted to see the shiny toy guns so i was pretty bummed about that. wtf. LAME!

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10:18pm 28/05/2007
  I'm so in love that it's stupid.  

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09:22pm 24/05/2007
  Per Sex in the City : Rent "The Way We Were."  

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07:39pm 24/05/2007
mood: anxious
Normally when people are guilty of anything whether it be MINOR, they tend to get defensive VERY quickly because they're doing something wrong. They know it's wrong..  

Ugh. I'm full of anxiety right now. NOT cool.

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10:32am 22/04/2007

"Clean up after your cat in the sunroom and you need to find a new place to live." 

Yup. I woke up to that this morning. ALL because I didn't go to church.. I guess when it rains, it pours.


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04:08am 20/04/2007
  Am I going to throw up? Oh yes. I am. No matter how many times I remind myself digging in the past is a bad idea, I still continue to do it. Why? Well, fuck. I can't really answer that. I guess I'm a masochistic motherfucker. Why the fuck am I up this late? What am I even doing anymore? I really need to take a trip. I want to get away from everything. Everything. Sometimes I step back and I think things, no matter how right they seem, aren't right. No matter how much someone says they love me, I don't know if I'll ever be able to feel it. I'm going to ask myself again. Why the fuck are you up this late? I'm wondering. Pondering. What ever the fuck you want to call it. Will you ever be as happy with me as you want to be? I don't feel like I'm ever going to be good enough for anyone. Yes, I've been torn down that much. What reminds you of the past? I know certain words bring her to mind. Why do you have to say things that hurt me? Better yet, why do you do things to where you know I'd be upset? Accident? I'm sure. Why do you hold onto things? Why do you make excuses for them? I'm not saying anything is your fault. It's not. It's me for looking further than I should. The things I adore are made lesser adorable because I know certain things. I dug. I won't lie. My past was full of regret. Full of lack of love. Full of lust. My past is a joke. My past is something I honestly cannot remember because my mind has blocked it out. Yours on the other hand is kept in shoeboxes and storage. You had love. Is it true that everyone has one true love in their life and only one true love? In that case, I'm fucked. I might as well back off and let you go. Sometimes I think that's where you want to be. All the shit you talk, I can still see it. You're still hurt. Funny thing is, I am honest to God over my past relationship. I could see my ex-boyfriend and ONLY be his friend. There's no feeling there. You? I don't think it's the same. I hope I'm not lurked because this would sure as fuck be pretty flattering. When friends tell me they don't think you're as into us as I am, It's pretty discouraging. When I see it myself, it's really fucking discouraging. When I see things, memoirs, pictures.. it breaks my heart over and over again. Things you say, break my heart. Don't get me wrong. You're amazing. I wouldn't love you if you weren't. I keep distancing myself. I don't know how to trust. I don't know how to show and tell compassion. I can't have stupid nicknames and use them on an everyday basis because it's a joke to me. Why? I don't know. Things you tell me. Things you call me. They were all said before. I feel like you're reading a fucking manuscript! That's not fucking fair. I really just want to fucking go off on a rant. I want to scream. I want to go beat on my fucking car and go drive, but I'm too upset. I don't want to hurt my car. He didn't do a thing to me, but fuck neither did you. Well, you used the same shit with me. You look at me like you have done before. Songs that I thought meant something, same thing to another person/people. I opened up, now I'm shutting up. When I was sick, you do the same things. I'm just a repeat. A replacement. At this point, I just want to wake up from this. Seriously, it's the same exact shit. Same words. Same everything. I'm nothing. I'm her, reincarnated. Seriously, everything I love about you has been played out. I feel like backup. Why do you do the things you do? This all feels fake. When will it feel real?  

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02:03am 20/04/2007

"I love women"

It's apparent. It doesn't need to be stated.


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01:11pm 19/04/2007
  Digging in the past is just a ton of trouble.  

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Welcome to Miami?   
01:43am 16/04/2007
mood: groggy

Miami : I went to Miami this weekend to support a 'friend' who was competing in an event at NOPI Drift. Let me tell you. Anyone who has ever been to a NOPI event more than once, I don't understand you. I will NEVER EVER go to another NOPI event. This was a mini event. It wasn't even NOPI Nationals. It was dirty. When I say dirty, I guess you just have to be there to understand. It's all about everything I'm against when it comes to the automotive world. It's stupid. They made the drift course extra small just so people who be interested. Why would they have to do that? To catch eyes of people who don't give a shit about drifting. How? Making people wreck the cars they worked long and hard on. How fucked up is that? Why would you intentionally do that? I think all the drifters should have just lost it on the event coordinators. I would have started a riot if I drove. Why would you intentionally do that? I saw good people wreck their cars. I saw everyone rip off their bumpers. It was sad. My favorite car that I always see at events hurt their bumper. I don't even think that kouki should drift because the car is too beautiful. All in all, Miami sucked. I hate having to know Spanish to get anything done. Our waitress at Denny's fucked our order because she didn't understand English. That's great. Equal opportunity for everyone. I agree with that. I'm sure as hell not racist. I just don't think to get a job in Miami you should have to be bilingual or ONLY speak Spanish. I speak English and in order for you to not mess up my order, you need to understand me. Whatever. That's another thing that pissed me off. This weekend, the only cool thing that really happened was that I got to see HULK HOGAN. Ooof, he's huuuge. His son, Nick Hogan, drifts. There were film crews everywhere filming Hogan Knows Best. I couldn't deal with that. I didn't talk to them because of the camera crews. I don't care to be on TV. I'm not one of those people who enjoy being in the crowd. Crowds really annoy me. I'm not like some people in the drifting community. Ohh look at me. Look at me. Put me on TV. Ahem, Cabbage Patch Kid looking whore cunt who if I see her slap my boyfriend's ass again I am going to spit in her face. Ahem. Okay. I'm done. My boyfriend was 'fired' from his drift team who we went to support this weekend. Don't get me started on that. I really want to have words with some people, but it's not my place to have words so I am going to keep my mouth shut. I wish I would have been awake for his 'friend' getting in his face. I like to think I'm a good girlfriend and I honestly just don't stand for that shit. I really don't like people questioning my boyfriend's integrity because he's always done people right and tried to help out. That really gets on my nerves. I could really burn some people on here, but I'm not going to. It's not necissary. No one will know what I'm talking about except Eugene and he already knows how I feel. All I know is there is no "I" in "TEAM" but everyone knows that saying. I really hope they aren't stupid enough to mess with my boyfriend's motor he worked long and hard on. He built it with his own hands. I would not be happy then. I have a new look on everyone who I thought was true to him. His 'friends' screwed us on a hotel room as well. We didn't get down there until 430am Saturday morning. Miami isn't as far as I thought it was though which is pretty cool. Luckily some other friends came down to Miami for support and they stayed in the room with us. I like them a lot better. Mac is awesome. He licks his MOOBIES. I have always loved Mac. I like the friends that stayed in the room because they actually are optimistic unlike some people and actually talk to me like I'm a person. They don't talk to me like I'm Eugene's girlfriend. They're not scared to say things about him in front of me. Yet they don't talk shit on him. They are geniune people. Eugene and I left Miami early today to avoid confrontation and drama. I'm not a big fan, nor is he. Plus it was fixing to rain. I do enjoy tandem drifting, but apparently the cars weren't even close. I will be attending Formula D in May. That's interesting. I love Formula D. Good drivers get to tandem and they get very close to each other. We went to the Mall at Millenia. Somehow I didn't buy anything. They have a Sanrio. I wish somewhere had a San-X store. They also have this ZARA store which I fell in love with. I almost bought things, but I didn't. Urban Outfitters is really played out. They have cool books, but their clothes seem to be cheaply made normally and expensive. I'm over them. Their Anthropologie had this really hot girl I talked to. She had a cool lip ring and I want to do it. She was gorgeous. She liked my TOKIDOKI purse. She had cool taste. I could have hung out with her. Bloomingdales is pretty cool. They have TOKIDOKI stuff. I don't like the newest stuff though. It's stars with skulls and it's not the best that he's made. We got back into Jacksonville. I got my car and it was overheating. My boyfriend said he's fixing my waterpump tomorrow. I love him. He's also picking up his motor. We wouldn't want someone to try to sabotage it. Assholes. We got Olive Garden. I got drunk. Limoncello Lemonade will fuck you up. So good. I could barely taste the alcohol. MMmm. It's rivaling the Watermelon Splash at Carrabbas. The weekend was pretty much a waste besides the fact I spent it with my amaazing boyfriend and I saw HULK HOGAN.


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